Our Youth Work aims to support young people through programs that build self-confidence and social skills, model positive values; and establish supportive, encouraging networks of role-models and friends. Here are some of the ways we do that each week.

Brekky Club

Our volunteer-run Brekky Club doesn’t just fill the tummy’s of hungry high school kids every Wednesday morning, though we do dish out a heck of a lot of pancakes! The weekly space has become a haven for students at Kent St Senior High School with uplifting music, quality conversation and plenty of activities to help students start their school day well and have some fun together. Many students come for the pancakes and stay for the chats, which can be an important check in at the start of the day. 

We especially love being in the year 7 quad and getting the opportunity to help new students settle in and build connections! 


Life Skills Mentoring

Fusion’s Life Skills Mentoring Program was specially developed to meet the complex needs of young people in a high school setting, as they develop into resilient teens and capable, well-connected adults. The program builds social and emotional wellbeing skills through discussion and activity-based learning that supports students to grow in resilience, navigate challenges, manage relationships and develop a positive relationship with their mental health.

Fusion’s specially trained Youth Workers mentor, educate and make space to chat with students about the issues impacting them. This adaptable 7–10 week course is designed to run over a school term and includes topic such as: 

  • Shaping Culture & Community
  • Self-View & Self-Awareness
  • Values & Boundaries
  • Bullying & Conflict
  • Coping with Failure
  • Communication & Problem-Solving
  • Value & Worth
  • Leadership & Influence

Get in touch with the Fusion Youth Work team if you’d like to know more about the program, invite Fusion to run the program in your school or organisation or even access training to run it yourself!

MYHub Mobile Youth Hub

Our Mobile Youth Trailer (MYHub) was custom designed as a ‘youth centre on wheels,’ enabling Fusion Youth Workers to show up exactly where they’re needed. Our program includes regular weekly locations where Youth Workers connect with local young people through games, sports activities and proactive conversations, as well as the ability to attend community events. Our goal is to reach more local young people and to partner with local services, organisations and individuals that will support and uplift them!

Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm: Walanna Drive Green Space, Karawara

Thursdays 3:30-5:30: John Macmillan Park, East Vic Park

Get in touch with us if you’d like to join our team of volunteers or are interested in having the trailer attend your local event.

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