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We reckon that community and purpose are two pretty vital ingredients to being human and we’re passionate about helping young people find hope and purpose in the context of a loving, supportive community. But that doesn’t just apply to our client group. Fusion is powered by volunteers who find their purpose in serving within a community of like-minded people who just want to use their gifts and skills to encourage others. In fact, the programs we choose to run are almost always directly based on the skills and passions of our workers. We believe in the importance of everybody contributing and having a place, whatever they have to offer.

What could you bring to Fusion Perth?

Current Positions

Check out our current positions below and complete the contact form to find out more or to apply. All roles with Fusion Perth require a valid Working With Children Check Card and Police Clearance, which our team can help you attain.

Daytrip Coordinator


ROLE: Planning and Coordinating Fusion Perth’s Youth Daytrips (1-2 per school term) to create a safe, fun space within which young people are able to experience and respond to God’s love for them

TIME COMMITTMENT: 4-8 hours per week, commencing in 2019


  • Planning activities
  • Booking venues and transport
  • Liaising with team and stakeholders
  • Identifying and assigning roles
  • Facilitating briefing and debriefing of team
  • Overseeing logistics on the day
  • Managing execution of activities and flow of day
  • Managing Risk Assessments

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Responsible to the Youth Work Coordinator, works alongside Schools Work Coordinator and Daytrip Team



ROLE: To vitally assist the work of Fusion Perth by helping to secure funding to maintain and expand Fusion’s programs and capacity

TIME COMMITTMENT: 1 day per week


  • Grants – researching and completing applications
  • Coordinating fundraising events
  • Sourcing financial and material donations
  • Attending necessary events to promote Fusion and its programs
  • Liaising with churches, businesses, individuals and organisations

REQUIREMENTS: Must have fundraising and grant-writing experience

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Responsible to the Centre Leader, works alongside Youth Work and Housing Coordinators

Uluru Leaders

POSITION TYPE: Voluntary, multiple places available

ROLE: To participate in creating a fun, safe, inclusive community on the Pilgrimage to Uluru alongside a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and committed youth workers and volunteers

TIME COMMITTMENT: Uluru Pilgrimage (11 days), pre-Pilgrimage training and meetings


  • Managing or assisting to manage a small group of young people throughout the duration of the Pilgrimage
  • Supporting young people in the leadup to and after the Pilgrimage
  • Having a Duty of Care over young people throughout the Pilgrimage

REQUIREMENTS: Some youth work experience required, must be able to fund own place or commit to necessary fundraising

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Responsible to the Youth Work Coordinator, works with Uluru Team, responsible for young people

Photographer – Daytrips and other events

POSITION TYPE: Voluntary, more than one place available

ROLE: To be a vital part of the team and the promotion of Fusion Perth’s programs by attending significant events and capturing images which can be used in promotional and advertising material

TIME COMMITTMENT: Daytrips (1-2 per term), other events as needed


  • Capturing high-quality images during Fusion’s programs
  • Sorting and selecting images which can be used to promote and represent Fusion Perth
  • Making all images available to Fusion Perth and storing these appropriately on a computer belonging to Fusion

REQUIREMENTS: Must have own camera and necessary experience

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Responsible to the Youth Work Coordinator

Fshs relief staff


ROLE: To support young people and Staff Residents in Fusion’s Student Household Service by spending an evening (6-10pm) in the household on a weekly or fortnightly basis

TIME COMMITTMENT: 4 hours per week/fortnight


  • Being present in the household between 6-10pm
  • Building community and spending time with residents
  • Providing respite for the Staff Residents, or, if Staff Resident is home, assisting them to manage evening tasks and build community within the household
  • Assisting young people with dinner preparation, eating with residents and facilitating after-dinner cleanup
  • Role-modelling Christian values to residents

REQUIREMENTS: Youth work experience, flexibility, confidence and resilience as you will be working with complex and vulnerable young people

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Responsible to the Housing Coordinator, works alongside Staff Residents, works with young people

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