A place to call home

Fusion Perth offer a number of different accommodation & support services that provide a loving community within which young people are able to feel safe, supported and challenged

Fusion’s Student Household Service

Fusion’s Student Household Service provides a strong, supportive environment for young people who’ve had to move out of home due to family conflict or other issues but are committed to continuing their schooling. The program uses a lead-tenant model where young adults live in the houses with the students to offer support, mentoring and encouragement. Each young person is also supported by a Case Worker who meets with them regularly to offer more professional support, help them work through challenges, connect them with services and even to reconcile the students with their families where possible.

All of our lead-tenants and relief staff are volunteers and our service couldn’t function without them! If you’re interested in donating your time to support local young people, contact us today.


Imagine studying away from home in an environment that encouraged, supported and challenged you, with friends always on hand and plenty of opportunity to serve and grow in a community of like-minded Christian young people…

Fusion’s Home Base is designed to be just that, with live-in lead tenants supporting up to eight students to serve, learn and develop new skills within the context of a loving Christian community. Students are supported to develop essential living skills while also being given opportunities to serve and grow through involvement in Fusion’s youth work and a range of other community programs.

The 46 week program costs $270 per week and includes:

  • A fully-furnished room in a community setting
  • Utilities, internet, groceries and laundry facilities
  • Support in developing independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, budgeting and time management
  • Ongoing training, mentoring and supervision by mature Christian youth workers
  • An opportunity to express your gifts through ministry with Fusion and other local mission groups and/or churches
  • Introduction to a local church on request
  • Pathways into other accommodation after completing your year

Join the Story

Do you want to be part of our story of bringing hope to young people when they need it most? We are always looking for passionate, caring people who are committed to investing in and supporting our young people. Do you have a gift, skill or resource you’d like to share?